Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation at Hermosa Plastic SurgeryFew people think of the chin as a beautiful facial feature, but those with weak chins often find that augmenting their chin can improve their appearance remarkably. Chin implant surgery restructures the proportions of the face, making the bone structure look stronger and the nose smaller. In fact, many patients who believe that they need Rhinoplasty surgery find themselves happy with the results of this surgery alone.

The incision involved in Chin Augmentation is short and discreet. It can be made inside the mouth or hidden just underneath the chin. Dr. Gallegos can recommend a chin implant of an appropriate size for your face and place it so as to produce the most natural, subtle results possible. To learn more about this surgery, please contact our practice for a consultation.

Look Years Younger with Superior Chin Augmentation

Hermosa Plastic Surgery provides a wide variety of cosmetic procedures to our patients, including Chin Augmentation. Please contact our Albuquerque office serving Santa Fe and Southern New Mexico to schedule a consultation and learn more about these procedures from our surgeon, Dr. Gallegos.

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